Trunk or Treat

Last week our church hosted a “trunk or treat” for the community. We passed out candy as well as information about our church and showed the love of Christ to the community.  It was a lot of fun and it seemed to be a big hit!

The night before the event we threw our costumes together and they actually turned out pretty cute! We decided to go as minions and our dog Moses went as a Rubix cube.


If you are ever looking for a quick and easy costume, a rubix cube is always an easy win. All you need is a box, craft paint, a paint brush , scissors and tape. For our dog we taped the box together then cut leg holes as well as a head hole.  We put tape around some of the curves to make them softer for our dogs legs. I then painted all the squares. It was super easy and everyone loved it!

Here’s an inside view of the box.


Moses checking out his new costume!


And finally, the cutest rubix cube ever!

moses halloween 011


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