New Window Coverings

The majority of our house is covered with blinds (thankfully) but there were a couple windows that were left open. Since the windows without blinds were in one of the bedrooms, we decided to go ahead and cover them as well. I have never installed blinds before, but I figured I’d give it a try.
This is one of the doors that was needing a blind. Summers can get quite hot, so adding a little shade was a necessity.
To make the process easier I first marked with a pen where I should drill.
I then drilled in the correct spot and screwed the blind holders in.
Then I popped the blind in.
It was super easy and we are thankful to now have the option of privacy and shade.
Since the blinds ended up being so easy to install, I decided to also tackle the curtains in the living room. I’ve been wanting to get them up for a while now but we had misplaced the curtain rod brackets that go with our curtain rod. I priced some new brackets and found that it would be the same price to get a whole new curtain rod as it was to just replace the brackets. So, we opted for a new curtain rod.
I’ve seen a few methods of measuring and hanging curtain rods which probably are great, but I decided to just use painters tape and a ruler to measure.
Once I had everything taped up and measured, I made my holes using the drill. I then popped the screw anchors in, screwed the screws in to attach the brackets, and added the rod.
19 20
Wa-lah! We now have curtains! It’s amazing how something as simple as curtains can make our rented house feel more like our home.
Have any of you added any window coverings lately? Feel free to share! 🙂

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