My Love is Officially Ordained

A few weekends ago, my husband had the honor of being ordained. Often people will wonder what being ordained truly means. Basically an ordination is the church giving an affirmation to one’s calling to ministry and it is an honor to receive.


Our church held such a sweet service for Emmanuel  and not only was he blessed, but I was as well. During the service we were asked to come to the front and every deacon came by and prayed for us. It was so incredibly encouraging and uplifting.
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We also were blessed with so much family support! We truly have such wonderful family and friends who continually are lifting us up in prayer and are our biggest cheerleaders! For everyone who came, I want to say thank you, it meant so much to us!!
I am so proud of my husband the the man he has become. I love seeing how the Lord uses him for His glory, and I look forward to all God has in store for us in the future!

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