Our Weekend Project

We love the house we are renting right now! It has tons of storage and is just the right size for the two of us! The kitchen is amazing (the best one I’ve had yet), however, there isn’t a true eating area. We do have an amazing island but you have to have bar stool height chairs in order to eat around it. We thankfully have 4 chairs, but if more than 2 people come over there is awkward eating on low chairs. Which is not so great or easy ( i know because I’ve done it). :/
We threw around a few ideas for how we could solve this issue for when we wanted larger groups to come over and decided a picnic table in the backyard would be best. We actually have an awesome backyard! Whoever did the layout for the backyard put a lot of thought into it and it is quite nice! We often spend evenings sitting on the swing in the back enjoying the weather and our time together.
I started to look around for picnic tables and soon realized that they are not cheap! They are actually quite a bit more than we were wanting to spend. I then found a picnic table frame on amazon that was closer to our price range but still wasn’t sure about it. A few days later we received an amazon gift card, so we decided to go ahead with the table!
The frame came quicker than expected and we were super excited to get it assembled! With this particular frame we could build a 4 foot, 6 foot or 8 foot long table. We opted for the 8 foot table because we figured if we were going to have to do the same amount of work, we might as well make it count and that way we could have more people over in the future!
We headed to Lowe’s and purchased 5 eight foot long 2×10’s and one 2×4.
picnic table 064
We then started the assembly. After lining up the boards how we wanted them, we began drilling holes on each end of the boards, attaching the metal braces, and nailing/gluing the center support beam in the middle.
picnic table 066 picnic table 083 picnic table 084 picnic table 085
If you look closely you can see the swing  in the background that we often spend our evenings on together.
picnic table 086
We then attached the legs and made a few more holes so that we could attach additional support rods with bolts.
After the legs were attached we flipped the table over to attach the seats. I have to say, we have one sturdy picnic table- it is SO heavy! We then drilled holes on the ends of each seat board and attached them to the main frame.
picnic table 087
Finally we were done! We are quite thrilled with the end result and are very ready to start filling it up with people! 🙂
picnic table 092 picnic table 095

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