A Few Marigolds

I love beautiful flowers, trees, and grass, but I have never had a very green thumb. In the previous house we owned, our yard was very well kept and had lots of beautiful plants. We (primarily Emmanuel) did our best to keep it beautiful and actually did a pretty good job, but it certainly helped that we had something to start with.

The current house we are in certainly has lots of potential but also will require lots of work. If we decide to add plants, we will have to do a lot of weeding first.

The other day I started dreaming about what could be done someday as far as the yard goes and I saw beautiful things. But then reality sunk in and I realized we would have to do it all. Life has been quite hectic recently, so I decided that for this year we would start with something small, see how it goes and maybe next year we could make things  a little more permanent and add more.


So, a potted plant by our front door was it. We chose beautiful little marigolds.

15  16

I made sure to add some Miracle Grow in hopes that they will last a little bit longer. The Miracle Grow is actually a moisture control dirt mixture which helps to protect against over-watering and under-watering, which is absolutely perfect for a girl like me! 😉


It’s not much, but they certainly bring a little cheer and color to our yard and they make me happy! Hopefully we will get to enjoy them for a long time! 🙂

18  19


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