Spanish Rice

As promised, here is the recipe for the amazing Spanish Rice. It’s the best recipe for Spanish rice that I have ever had. I got the recipe from a great friend in college ( it is her mom’s recipe) and it is outstanding!

spanish rice


1 1/2 Cups Rice
Cooking Oil
3 Cups Water
1 1/2 Cloves Garlic
1 Tbsp Cumin Seeds
7 Bullion Cubes ( 3 beef 4 chicken)
1/2 Bell Pepper



If you use Wyler’s brand bullion cubes use 7 cubes  since they are smaller, but if you are using Knorr brand bullion cubes only use 3 1/2 otherwise they will overpower the rice with too much flavor.

To begin, spread rice in a pan and evenly saturate it with cooking oil. Stir and keep even until rice turns golden brown.


While the rice is cooking, mix water, garlic and cumin seeds in a blender for about 30 seconds.

Once rice is golden pour in water mixture and add the bullion cubes. Heat and stir occasionally until boiling and the bullion cubes are completely dissolved.


Once boiling add bell pepper (cut in long strips) and a few hand fulls of cilantro.


Turn heat to low, cover and let simmer for about 12-15 minutes. Do not open or stir until the time is up. Once the 12-15 is done, stir and enjoy!




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