Fiesta Chicken

About a year ago, Emmanuel and I ate at Saltgrass Steakhouse. Normally when we eat out I am not an adventurous eater and will eat the same thing each time. This day I decided to try something new, and I’m so glad I did! My meal was exceptional!

Later when we got home I wrote everything down that I could remember about the meal so that I could try and recreate it for us sometime. So, today I bring you what I like to call “Fiesta Chicken” or “Monterrey Chicken”. I like the fiesta chicken name the best because this meal truly is like a party of flavor in your mouth…so good!

fiesta chicken

Let’s get started. You will need the following:

3 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
Cavenders All Purpose Greek Seasoning
1-2 Tomatoes
1/2 Onion
Green Onion
Monterrey Jack Cheese
1 Tbsp Butter
2-3 Avacados

(My measurements are not exact, but no worries this meal is flexible and can be made to your liking. )


Monterrey Jack cheese is best, but if you are unable to find it (like i was) you can substitute a blend of Colby and Monterrey jack.

First you will want to saute your onion in butter. Cook onions until soft and golden brown then set aside.

a b

While your onion is cooking, prepare your chicken by seasoning it with Cavenders All Purpose Greek Seasoning (and nothing else). Also, I cut my chicken breast in half lengthwise so that they will be thinner and cook more evenly, but you can keep them as is if you would like.


Cook chicken either on the grill, George Forman grill, or in a frying pan until fully cooked through. I chose the frying pan this time.


Once chicken is fully cooked top with sauteed onions and then Monterrey jack cheese.


You will then need to melt the cheese. This can be done either by putting the meat back on the grill for a couple seconds/minutes until cheese is melted or by melting it in the microwave for about 30 seconds-1 minute.  I chose the microwave.


While the cheese is melting, start chopping your remaining vegetables. Cut your green onion into slices, cut tomato into small cubes and cut cilantro into small pieces.

Next top chicken with a handful of green onion, tomato and cilantro. Serve with slices of fresh avocado ( We did have avocado but it wasn’t very pretty looking so it didn’t make it into the photos). Spanish rice and beans also goes well with this meal. Enjoy!


Later I’ll share the delicious Spanish rice recipe that I got from one of my college friends. Also delish!


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