A Full 2 Months

Its been quite  a while since I’ve been able to post. Primarily because we have been incredibly busy these past two months with tons going on!

Since February, we have planned and had both a revival for our church, and a disciple now for our students. Found out that the house we were planning to buy fell through and we wouldn’t be able to get it. Moved rent houses in 2 days (because that’s all the time we were given due to the house situation).  Cleaned a stinky dog that got sprayed by a skunk. Unpacked the house (still working on that one). Attended  a concert with youth from the youth group. Witnessed students lives being transformed and new salvation’s made (praise the Lord)! Held rattlesnakes at an event in West Texas and attended a carnival. And in the midst of all of this, we have continued working and living each day to the fullest!

Needless to say, these past couple months have worn us out! But we are grateful for each and every day we have gotten to experience together! Memories were made and lives were changed for eternity!

 Now on to the pictures, since they are the best part! 🙂

Amazing Revival speaker and dear friend.

jon randles

If you ever are looking for an awesome speaker you should contact Jon Randles.  http://www.jonrandles.org/

Youth praising the Lord during Disciple Now!


Our new rent house…more to come about this blessing.


Rattlesnake Adventures!





Carnival Time




All in all it’s been a great 2 Months!


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