My New Job

For the past 2 months I have been looking for a job and applying to a variety of places. Then two weeks ago I was offered a position at a graphic store here in town to be both a graphic artist and a production artist! Seeing that I have a degree in art communications, I was thrilled to have a job where I could use my degree!

The majority of my job consists of doing graphic art, but there are times when I help out with production. This past week I helped lay text for a 20′ x 8′ billboard sign. It was the largest sign I have worked on yet and was quite challenging at times but fun too!

billboard 2

       In the photo below you can better see how large the sign is in comparison to the tape measure and my co-worker.


When I’m not helping out with production, I get to do the fun stuff…graphic art! There are times when I will lay out invoice forms, which isn’t the most exciting thing, but their are other times when I get to  get to create t-shirts, business cards, banners, signs, etc.. and that’s where I thrive! Below are examples of the two extremes.



Overall, I am so very thankful for this position and look forward to all the new things I will create and learn!


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