This past month I turned 30! Turning 30 seems so old to me! And there are many things that I thought I would have achieved by the age of 30…the primary one being a mother. When I was younger I always had imagined that when I was 30 I would be married with 2-3 children and still growing. But, God has had other plans for me. Plans that I never would have imagined. My faith has been tested and my heart has been stretched to lengths I didn’t know possible. And all the while God has been there right by my side through all the hurt and pain, continually drawing me and challenging me. Calling me to surrender my all to Him. It is hard to let go of things that you have always desired, but I know that I serve a GREAT God, who is in control and knows my future. A God who is ever faithful and continually by my side. A God who truly loves me deep down to the core of who I am. A God who is reliable and who continually gives me more than I deserve. So I praise the Lord for this year! For allowing me to reach 30 with so many blessings! The blessing of an amazing, wonderful and loving husband! The blessing of wonderful family! The blessing of sweet friendships! The blessing of the child we don’t yet know who is in Ethiopia! And lastly, the most important of them all, the blessing of the Lord’s great love and sacrifice for me! I truly serve an amazing God! 
So as I entered this new decade, I decided that I wanted to celebrate with my sweet west Texas friends! I decided that a wreath making birthday party would be the best way to celebrate! Surrounded by friends and doing something I truly enjoy, crafting!  
Since living in west Texas, the Lord has truly blessed me with some amazing friendships and I am so thankful for each one of them! I had such a great time hanging out with these girls and sharing life together while also making something beautiful.
This is definitely a birthday I will remember! :) And I look forward to seeing all the Lord has for me in my 30’s!

DTE – 2/6/15 !!

        Today we received our DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia) date! This is the date we have been waiting on and working towards for months and we are so happy to finally be at this point!! This means that today all of the paperwork that we have been working on (our Dossier) will be sent to the Ethiopian government and we are now officially on the waiting list for a baby!!! While we know that we still have many more months and years ahead of us of waiting, we are so thankful to be here in this place! Now we will just wait and pray for our little one while they are in Ethiopia (most likely not even born yet). We thank the Lord for getting us this far and drawing our hearts to adopt! We can’t wait to meet our baby and officially make them a Jimenez!  Thank you Lord for this day!

Ps. 118:24
This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.


copyright: Jimenez Design Company

Steady Heart

I heard this song today and it was exactly what I needed to hear. It’s a reminder that even though I don’t always know what is in store for me or how things will end up, I serve a God who I can trust and who is reliable. A God who can carry me through storms and lead me into the clearing. A God who is steady, forgiving, loving, always by my side and faithful to the end! Thank you Lord for who you are!


Steady Heart
Written by: Steffany Gretzinger & Amanda Cook

I can’t see
What’s in front of me
Still I will trust You
Still I will trust You

Steady heart that keeps on going
Steady love that keeps on holding
Lead me on
Steady grace that keeps forgiving
Steady faith that keeps believing
Lead me on

Though the sky is dark
And the wind is wild
You’ll never leave me
You’ll never leave me

Though the night is long
There is a coming dawn
The light is breaking
The light is breaking

Steady heart that keeps on going
Steady love that keeps on holding
Lead me on
Steady grace that keeps forgiving
Steady faith that keeps believing
Lead me on

And as the dawn breaks
And the clouds clear
In an open space
Together we will run

6 Months

This past week Thursday marked 6 months that we have been paper chasing for our adoption. It was my hope that for sure by now we would be able to submit our dossier and be added to the list, but we are not yet at that point. Through this process we’ve had some hiccups along the way; one being with our home study and having to change social workers and redo meetings that we had previously done. Primarily our home study is the one major thing we are still lacking in order to submit our paperwork. However, we will also need to submit one other form after our home study is complete which I have read can take up to 3 months to receive back. It is my prayer that the Lord would show us favor and that our home study and this additional form would be received in a timely manner and we wouldn’t be at a stand still because of it. Waiting for things you have no control over can be hard sometimes. Yet I know this is only the beginning of our waiting. And really I should take comfort in the things that I can’t control because I know that God is the one in control of these things. So for now we are waiting. Would you join me in praying that things would move quickly and the Lord would have favor on us throughout this whole process? We are trusting Him.

You Are Worth It!

These past few weeks have been crazy!! There have been countless days where I’ve either gotten up early before work or used my lunch break to get the required paperwork completed for our adoption. Whether is is getting forms notarized, mailing forms out at the post office,  going to appointments, emailing forms, etc…it has seemed constant! Often I have felt completely worn out, exhausted and weary. Yet, when I take the time to be still and remember why we are doing all of this, it all becomes so very worth it! Every errand we run has purpose and meaning because I know that with each step we complete we become one step closer to bringing our baby home.

I long for the day when we finally will get to meet our child for the first time. When I will finally get to hold them in my arms, look into their beautiful eyes and tell them I love you and more importantly, Jesus loves you and cares so deeply about you. I truly look forward to that day!

So we will keep trekking on with perseverance because our baby (my little love) is so very worth it!

Psalm 127:3-5a
” Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them! “


Jimenez Design Company

Well I finally decided to do it! I opened an etsy shop! As of today, Jimenez Design Company is officially open for business!  I’ve been wanting to open a shop for a few months now, but life kept getting more and more busy and I kept putting it off. With our adoption in full swing, I decided now was the time and I am very excited about it!

In the next coming months we will have to pay a little over $8000 toward our adoption and it is my hope that the Lord and this etsy shop will help to fund this cost. I know that the Lord is faithful and we are trusting in Him fully to provide while also doing all that we can to raise money in order to bring our little one home.

I hope you will check out my store and find something that you like! If you have bare walls that are in need of some pretty art or you need a little inspiration for the day or you would just like to help fund our adoption and support a family in need, Jimenez Design Company is the place to shop!
Below is a little sample of what you will find in the store.
He gives and takes away
 he's enough Jesus said stop dreaming2
I will occasionally be adding new pieces, so feel free to check back often! :) I also have a new page added that will link you to specific pieces in the store.
You should check it out! Jimenez Design Company
If you would like to just donate to our adoption, feel free to use the donate button on the right side bar. We truly appreciate your support!

Resolve Series Now Available

I am so proud of my amazing husband! Today Download Youth Ministry published one of Emmanuel’s sermon series!

The series is about Daniel and the resolve he made to follow after the Lord. Below is the summary of the series:

Today, many Jesus loving, Bible quoting, youth group going students head to a strange new land called their “College years” (a land without parents, where students can do whatever they want) and they trade in the things of God for the things of the World. In the Old Testament, Daniel was in the same situation. He was in a strange new land without parents yet, he Resolved to continue to walk with the Lord. In this series, your students will discover what Daniel did to be faithful in a foreign land. My hope is that this series will give students a goal, plan, and desire to live for God throughout junior high, high school and college.
This series explores Daniel 1:1-8:

Week 1: RESOLVE to honor God

Week 2: RESOLVE to be connected to others

Week 3: RESOLVE to make God’s Word your standard


If you are a pastor or youth pastor looking for a new sermon series, I would highly recommend that you check this series out! It is well written and packed with God’s truth!

You can find it here: http://downloadyouthministry.com/shop/resolve-3-week-series/

Check it out! :)

Happy Anniversary My Love!

Today marks five years that I have been married to my amazing husband! I am so blessed to have him in my life and I truly thank the Lord for giving me him and allowing us to work so well together as a couple! Emmanuel has been such a great leader in our marriage spiritually and in other areas as well. He works hard for us, protects me, encourages me and truly loves me well! I am so honored to be his wife and I look forward to many years to come with him! I love you Emmanuel!


Adoption Update

I thought it was time for an adoption update to let you know what all we have been doing.

We have been moving along with our adoption and slowly but surely getting things done. On April 23rd we began our paper chase, which basically means we are working through mounds of paperwork in order to bring our little one home.

When I first saw how much there was to do I was a little overwhelmed with it all. To make things a little less overwhelming we’ve been doing a little bit at a time and setting goals for ourself in order to get it all done. And actually progress is being made!

On May 31st we had our first home study visit! Leading up to it I was anxious about how things would go and what I should expect, but I have to say it went really well! I enjoyed getting to talk with our social worker and get to know her. She was very kind and genuinely excited for us and our future child. I’m so thankful to be working with an agency and social worker who love the Lord! That has been such a blessing!
We still have a few more meetings with our social worker, but the biggest meeting is now done and I am thankful for that!

On June 2nd we went and had our fingerprinting done.
Then on June 17th we both had our physicals done at the Doctor’s office.
Throughout the process we have also been making payments toward our adoption. If you are interested in supporting our adoption feel free to click on the link on the right of the page or go to the tab that says “Support our Adoption”. We truly appreciate your prayers and support!

Right now we are in the midst of reading through our required reading material as well as watching videos online for further training (10 hours worth to be exact) and are continuing to gather forms and papers together each day.
Summers are always SUPER busy for us since so much happens with our youth ministry in the summertime!  Being active in full time youth ministry while also form gathering for our adoption can be quite overwhelming at times, but I know in the end it is completely worth it!
Eventually it will all get done and we will finally be able to be added to the waiting list and will be one step closer to bringing our little one home!! I am ready for that day!!! :)

She Reads Truth

I wanted to share a devotion that I have been doing lately. I stumbled upon it when I was reading JonesDesignCompany‘s blog and so I decided to check it out. It is called She Reads Truth and currently we are walking through the book of Nehemiah. Honestly, Nehemiah isn’t a book of the Bible that I have spent much time in, so it’s nice to dig a little deeper and see things in a new light. If you are looking to start a new Bible reading plan, you should join in with the She Reads Truth study. I’ve only done a few days so far, but they have been really good thus far! Here is a link to their site if you want to join in: www.shereadstruth.com . As far as I know they don’t have an app yet, but they are in the process of making one. I currently receive their Bible studies through email each day, or you can just go directly to their site.  I hope you enjoy it and the Lord uses it to speak truth to your heart!



Have a wonderful Saturday friends!